Your squad with their colour coded fixtures for the next few games shown.

Select future game weeks to see how the player may perform over the coming weeks.

View your transfer history.

Finally, share a screenshot of your team on Twitter etc to get some feedback.


Get a bit more information on Kane, transfer him out or view his player card to get his full stats and colour coded fixtures.



See your possible transfer targets.

Compare the difficulty of upcoming matches by the colour code. White is normal difficulty, green is easy, red is hard. As an example: Zaha has an easy game in the coming week, followed by a hard game. Then an easy game and finally a normal game.

Compare the top three stats of all the players. Currently shown are: Selected %, Price and Points per game. Change these top three stats in the filter.


Filter your possible transfer targets by team, position and price.

Order them by any FPL stat. Form & points per game are probably the most used. It's up to you.