Happy FPL New Season!

The beginning of a new FPL season can be troublesome, not just picking one’s team but also the possible fallout due to a server change.

Many server changes have come to light since Captain Salah delighted so many managers on Friday night.

There have been several beta releases since Friday, addressing the bigger issues like latest points.
An app update is with Apple awaiting AppStore approval. It’s hard to predict when it’ll be available but review times are so much quicker than they were 11 years when this app appeared!

There will be another compatibility update after this one, addressing the more time intensive and less impactful issues regarding H2H leagues and Fixture details.

Thank you for your patience, we will get through this :)

A special thank you to the beta team and others who have reached out to highlight issues.

May your arrows be green.

Andrew StephensonFPL